Maintenance of electric water heater

Electric water heaters should be cleaned regularly because the water quality of tap water is poor now, "yellow mud water" often appears in some areas. In addition to water fouling inside the electric water heater, water after heating will also produce fouling, once stopped water flow, fouling precipitation, will affect the water heater outlet and life. However, at present, most of the electric water heaters are designed and installed with magnesium rods, after power-on, magnesium rods produce anode ions, thereby reducing the scale generation and deposition, but magnesium rods only in the electric heater when the effect, so experts believe that the correct use of electric water heater should be the same as refrigerators, long-term power-on operation. . If you take a bath every three days, the amount of electricity you use in this operation is essentially the same as when you turn it on and off. Is there a magnesium rod in the electric water heater and there is no need to clean it? Experts tell us that magnesium rods will be used in the process of consumption, the extent of consumption depends on the quality of water. If it is found that the heating time is prolonged, the effluent is reduced, or the "horn, horn" sounds are emitted during heating, indicating that your electric water heater needs to be cleaned. At present, some electric water heaters on the market are equipped with sewage valves, and they can discharge sewage according to the instructions. Without a drain valve, professionals need to be cleaned.

2018-10-29 14:10
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